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Are you looking for the Best Plumber in Toronto to get your requisites fulfilled? If yes!  go through the essential details to find a reliable and professional Toronto Plumber.

Listed below are the ten questions that help you in finding the best plumber:

  1. Do you have a License? The most important question you should ask a plumber is: Are you licensed? Being a licensed plumber means that he is professional enough to complete his work accurately.


An unlicensed Toronto Plumber is not authorized for certain plumbing jobs, making your plumbing project illegal and susceptible to fine or being shut down.


  1. Are you insured? Sometimes plumbing work involves risk factors. It is wise to inquire if the plumber who is going to work with you is protected or not. Insurance makes sure that in case of any mishappening, you are not going to bear any unexpected cost out of your pocket.
  2. What Credentials and References do you have? A good Toronto Plumber has plenty of experience. If he does not have at least three to five quality references from contactable clients, he will not be able to do certain plumbing jobs perfectly. So, always check for recommendations personally before hiring the best plumber in Toronto.


Besides references, credentials are important as well. They show their commitment to their trade and efficiency in professional practices as well.


  1. Are your Service Contractors Independently Licensed? Sometimes the work is not done by the contractor, plumber by himself, his subordinate does it. So, it is mandatory to inquire that all the team workers have independent license/authorization to do minor or extensive plumbing tasks. It will ensure the professionalism of Toronto Plumber in terms of accomplishing the project.


  1. Do you Charge Service Fees? Some plumbing contractors charge service fees when they visit your place for cost estimates. These charges are non-negotiable. So, always ask for the visiting charges, if any, to avoid hidden charges. But make a note that the best Plumber in Toronto is one who will not charge a single penny for the home visit to inspect everything and make you know the cost estimate accordingly.



  1. What is Your Response Time? Response time is crucial in an emergency. You cannot wait for fixing a problem that costs you $ 5, but if not set on time can cost you $500. So, always ask for the response time.


  1. Do You Charge for Travel Time? If a plumber is living at a long distance, he might charge for travel time to and from your place. So, always ask for it. It is still best to hire a local Toronto Plumber to save money and time.



  1. Do you Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service? There is always a chance that there is an issue with the service provided at an inconvenient time. It needs to be fixed urgently. So, it is good to know if he offers his services at these times.


  1. What are Your Specialities? By knowing the specialties of the plumber, you can decide which will be the Best Plumber in Toronto for you.



  1. What do You Charge for Parts? Although Toronto plumbers are fully stocked with essential parts, they need to fix the problem. But when quality parts are not available to them, they make a trip to the local market to buy them. They charge some money to compensate for their travel expenses. So, always ask for such costs, if any.

By asking these questions, you can find the Best Plumber in Toronto for your plumbing needs.

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