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Is the harsh cold in Toronto, leading to commercial boiler under-rated performance? Did the overtime work by the boiler to generate heat as well as offering hot water in a workshop or factory setup, resulted in a sudden breakdown?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s a cause of concern. You cannot afford the malfunctioning of the commercial boiler for a few minutes as it can halt the production unit due to the absence of hot water, which is required in the manufacturing of products.

Not to worry, as Go Plumbing is a licensed agency that offers services associated with commercial boiler repair in GTA and Toronto. We have a team of certified professionals who are well trained, insured, and have the expertise to fix all kind of general or complex issues such as:

  • Boilers leaking water
  • Loud Creeking noise during startup
  • Error codes on the display screen
  • Gas leak issues
  • Boilers not producing adequate hot water
  • Pressure dropping consistently


We have an Efficient Team of Professionals for Commercial Boiler Installation

Go Plumbing has a team of professionals when it comes to offering commercial boiler installation services in Toronto/GTA.  We have certified experts who bring their skills in use to get a proper understanding of your manufacturing unit and recommend the new commercial boiler. As its installation is not a DIY task, we will assign professionals to visit the commercial site and install the new commercial boiler system and make sure it operates efficiently as per your requirement.

Don’t worry; we’ll only be charging reasonable fees for the commercial boiler installation in Toronto/GTA. Our rates are competitive, and we do not charge extra for emergency services. As all the commercial boilers come with manufacturer warranty, we also offer 15 days customer satisfaction guarantee that includes free repair incase the installation turns out to be faulty. If it happens, we are here to assist you round the clock. 

Why Choose Us?

Our certified experts have skills and expertise to diagnose the problem and provide commercial boiler repair in GTA/ Toronto with excellence.

  • Priority Commercial Boiler Repairs/Installation

At Go Plumbing, our top priority is to deliver instant services to the clients when it matters the most. That’s the reason we are open round the clock and provide 24/7 commercial boiler repair and installation service. Our professionals are open to offering emergency services during grave hours as well.

  • GTA Boiler Repair

Boiler malfunction can be the cause of your business loss, and we can’t see you in shamble. We have a state of the art equipment to perform commercial boiler repair/installation at your site in GTA/Toronto. Our team has experts who can make the boiler operate again efficiently than before.

  • Expert Efficiency Saving Advice

It doesn’t matter how much commercial hot water you require for the industrial activity. We have professionals who can offer much necessary help in terms of commercial boiler repair/installation and maintenance when it matters the most. We advise our clients to use energy-efficient boilers for business services.

  • Boilers installation

Commercial boiler installation is not a DIY task as it requires the services of professionals. We at Go Plumbing have skilled professionals; who have the expertise to offer installation and maintenance services for commercial boilers with accuracy and advice

  • Know about all brands and models of the commercial boiler

We have a team of professionals who know every single part of branded commercial boilers and have skills to repair them after diagnosing the core reasons.

  • Service and maintenance

Our maintenance service of commercial boiler will ensure its longevity in terms of efficient performance. The experts work that smart, which helps them detect the potential problems at the earliest.

  • Licensed and Insured Personnel

At Go Plumbing, every single technician is certified and licensed to deliver repair services to provide commercial boiler Repair in GTA

What do Our Experts do?

Here’s how our certified experts offer commercial boiler repair services in GTA/ Toronto:

  • We check if there is an outward sign of boiler getting deteriorated
  • Inspect the condition of the boiler and see if there is any requirement of repair or maintenance.
  • See if the flues and vents are working in proper condition
  • Inspecting and cleaning the burner, as well as combustion area
  • Clean the gas or oil valve
  • Checking if there is any problem in gas or oil connection/pressure
  • Scrutinize every part as well as repair the essentials
  • Repair the fault in electric connections and thermostats

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