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Commercial boilers are used to keep the large spaces warm during winters. The use of these boilers has become necessary for commercial spaces like malls, multiplexes, and banquet halls. This trend has flourished the business of Commercial Boiler Installation/Repair in Toronto and GTA. A large number of people are engaged in this business throughout the cities in Ontario and other provinces of Canada.

How to enter in this business of Commercial Boiler Installation in Toronto?

The Government of Toronto/GTA conducts a certification program for those who want to make their career in Commercial Boiler Installation/Repair. Eligibility for this program is mentioned below-

  1. Must have completed the age of 18 years.
  2. Must have passed the 12th standard or equivalent.
  3. Some schools also offer apprenticeship programs in the 12th standard for those students who choose their career as a boiler repair professional.

Duration of Commercial Boiler Installation/Repair certification in GTA. 

The duration of the certificate is 36 months. During this period, a candidate has to go with three stages. These three stages are-

  1. Specific hours of mandatory on-site job training.
  2. Four sessions of technical training of 6 weeks each.
  3. At last, a certification exam is conducted.

During the certification, a candidate gets 60% wages of what a trained person receives. This percentage increases with the duration of course until he reaches 100%.

What are the career options after completion of the certification program?

There are many options that you can choose from, in the field of  Commercial Boiler Installation/ Repair in Toronto/ GTA:

  1. Join a Company– You can join any of the companies that manufacture commercial boilers in Toronto or GTA. There you can work as an installer, tester, or repairing If you join as a tester, you have to check the proper functioning of the manufactured machines. 

But,  if you have joined there as a Boiler installer, you will go to different parts of Toronto for the installation of newly sold commercial boilers.

If a customer has any issue with the already installed commercial boiler, you can be sent to repair that machine throughout the GTA.

  1. Join a contractor dealing in this business– You can also associate yourself with someone who is already working in this field and work under him. 
  1. Start your work– If you don’t like to work under someone, you can start your work independently. Initially, it will cost you some money. But, in the long term, this business will be very beneficial for you as it helps to yield a huge profit. 
  1. You can also join the Government department and work as a Boiler Inspector.

How much a Commercial Boiler Installer earn in Toronto? 

The earnings of a person involved in commercial boiler installation or repair depend on various factors in Toronto/ GTA. Some of the elements are-

  • Location of the job.
  • The experience you have.
  • The company you are working with.
  • Local and national economic conditions.

Considering all these conditions, the salary of the commercial boiler installers ranges from $39000 to $60000 per annum in Toronto.

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